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Gunnar Lindh (Ronnback)

Mr. Lindh designed the wooden lamps that predominately hang in Streng Atriums. He also designed larger custom lamps for Cottrell : 1964, as well as Sparks' personal residence.

Mr. Lindh, a native of Stockholm, Sweden, was born October 29, 1920 and died December 27, 2009.
Arrived in the United States in 1940. Studied art and design. Served in the US ARMY, TEC 4, WWII (Technician, 4th Grade)

He is survived by his son, Leif Eric Ronnback, and his daughter, Tora Paulina Carroll.

May 3, 1970 SacBee p.137 reviews Lindh's show at Village Gallery

Designed lights for the Donald Thaden designed office complex on Watt Ave. SacBee 1967

"The dirtiest furniture maker in Sacramento" as Lindh describes himself. SacBee April 19, 1970, p.105

"Carter brought him [Lindh] to us." - Jim Streng

photo of Gunnar Lindh

courtesty L.E.R

Mr. Lindhs' furniture at his Show at Town and Country Village Gallery

courtesty L.E.R

Lanterns by Gunnah Lindh in the Cottrell House

Photo by Sparks, circa 1975