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John Harvey Carter

b: 1922, Red Bluff, CA
d. October 2, 2004

B. Arch, USC, 1952

Office: 417 20th St, Sacramento, Calif. 95814
Home: 1437 41st St, Sacramento, Calif. 95816
(from AIA File)

as of 2004, survived by: Shirley Berrian Carter of Sacramento; daughter Tina White of Plymouth; son Eric Carter of Marysville, and two grandchildren. Also survived by brother Kirk E. Carter of Chico.

“A prominent architect in Sacramento, he designed over 400 buildings in northern California. One of his life’s goals was “to make the world beautiful.”
As a member of the Sacramento County Planning Commission in the early 1960's, he played a significant role in the establishment of the American River Parkway and remained a staunch supporter of the Parkway throughout his lifetime.

“Humbleness,” according to Mr. Carter, “is one of the greatest attributes a man can possess and is a true measure of his worth.”

“If my marks in this world are small, I pray they will be many.”
John Harvey Carter

-Save the American River Association Newsletter, Fall - Winter - 2004


1952 - Harvey-Carter wins USC Architecture contest “with a design for a automobile agency to launch a new car and a design for the automobile”

1955 - Retarded Children’s Center - 6950 21st Ave (Appears Demolished)


1958 - First Unitarian Church
specifies “thin-shell concrete roof that will touch the ground at three points. The enclosing walls will be of glass affording a view of the garden sanctuary”

1958 - Teachers Association Building - Winding Way and Auburn Blvd (GS Archive SacBee.1958.06.07.pA-7)

1960- California Tree Fruit Agreement Building
“designed .. to omit corridor space, it will feature outdoor covered terraces for each office and a stripped roof of wood glue laminate members. The exterior walls will be of stepped concrete block.”

1961 - Plans & Specifications for campus housing, Plumas Investment Corp…Chico, California (10 sheets). Ross Lawler, John Harvey Cater Architect. Architectural drawings (blue print) 30Nov61; IP5745

196? - 1171 Castec Drive, Sacramento (remodel/addition?)(Dudley J Bidstrup House. Bistrup gives accolades to JHC in SacBee, Apr.17.1964)

1963 - Nittler Residence. Lambeth Way, Carmichael, CA

1965 - Church of Religious Science - 3947 Edison Ave, unclear if built. (SacBee.1964)

1965 - San Juan Young Mens Christian Association facility. Almond Ave, South of Greenback Lane. (SacBee.April.15.1965)(photo:June.13.1965)

1965 - Folsom South Canal Shelter Design

1965 - EF Corbin Furniture Building, Corner 13th & R

Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California), December 26, 1965: 71

1966 - 3911 Knollwood Ct, Sacramento, CA (remodeled)

1968 - National Audubon Office, Sacramento (555 Audubon Place? Demolished?)
“The building will reflect the philosophy of the Audubon Society, in that it will give the appearance of reaching out to encompass nature” -JHC (SacBee.April.10.1968)

1972 - Third Church of Christ Scientist, 1401 L St. Demolished.

1976 - 2443 Marconi Ave - Arcade Library, a Sacramento Public Library. “the Arcade Library succeeds on both the functional and aesthetic levels, but its greatest importance to Sacramento’s built environment may be as a symbol…more buildings should speak with such eloquence.” Janice Fillip, Architecture Writer, 1986

1980 - 810 Oak Ln - Rio Linda/Elverta Community Center (remodeled after photos; lanterns removed and floor replaced. Lanterns purchased by JHC’s daughter)

1982 - 1619 Q Street; 16 person rooming house by CADA

1987 - Maienknecht Residence, 8290 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, CA

? Maze Building, Modesto

? Mesa Verde High School Performing Arts Center