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Hong Kong Bank : 1970

429 J St, Sacramento, CA

5 stories | 14,660 sq. ft

Designed by Hertzka and Knowles
[via newspaper clipping on Chinatown Development provided by SacMod]

Formerly the Hong Kong Bank Building

"The pagoda-shaped bank building on the corner of 5th and J is a Carter Sparks design." - William Burg via Yelp [appears Mr. Burg is incorrect here]

"429 J Street is arguably the best built building in Sacramento. Built in 1970 by Hong Kong Bank, 429 J Street was built to San Francisco earthquake standards with exterior walls two feet thick and reinforced with structural steel. It is prominently located at the northwest corner of 5th and J Street. One half block away is the New Federal Court House and across the street is Westfield’s Downtown Plaza.

With only four floors and totaling approximately 14,622 vs. The Hong Kong Bank building is efficiently configured and ideally suited for a variety of users. Law firms and financial institutions have occupied the building. Today West Ed occupies the building and is vacating the building around August 1st, 2004.

Because of the construction materials used, with the exception of mechanical systems, the building is virtually maintenance free. In addition, the costs to operate the building are reduced because of the insulation provided by the construction quality.

The Hong Kong Bank building is ideally suited for a variety of user types and sizes. Small to mid-size firms can experience the benefits of occupying their own floor, while a larger organization can efficiently compartmentalize its’ departments by floor. Many users with multiple functions would find this building very attractive. And if a company has a public function (people visit the facility frequently), this building is perfect because the Plaza level used to be a bank branch. So while the building is very accessible to the public, the owner/occupant can separate a variety of functions such as administration and production from the public component.

Adorned with flagpoles, a copper roof, a teak overhang and very distinguished oriental design, The Hong Kong Bank building really stands out and exudes strength, longevity and integrity. And being located on J Street virtually anyone coming downtown can’t miss this distinguished and irreplaceable building.." - 2004 Real Estate Listing - Beacon Real Estate