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Newman Club Center and Catholic Church : 1964

1572 E Barstow, Fresno, CA

Plans started in 1957, by Sparks and Thaden

Special thanks to flickr user mcfresno for the heads up on this one and the Fresno Bee scan of the article! Also, color photos courtesy of the Mid Century Modern Fresno Facebook group.

From the Fresno Bee, May 2, 1964

MODERN - An open house tentatively set for May 10th will be the first activity in the Newman Club center, which is located on Barstow Avenue just west of the Fresno State College. The modern structure, designed by the Sacramento firm of Sparks and Thaden, cost approximately $350,000.

MOSAIC WALL - A group of Dutch artists created the glass mosaic which forms the north wall of the chapel in the Newman Club building. The mosaic, behind the altar, shows Christ the Teacher surrounded by angels and the four evangelists. The Newman center will serve as a collegiate parish for Fresno State College.

The Newman Club center on Barstow Avenue just west of the Fresno State College campus will begin operations with an open house set tentatively for May 10th.

The one story building cost nearly $350,000, not including the landscaping. Private donations accounted for part of the sum, and the Monterey-Fresno Diocese added $225,000.

Construction of the center began in l962. Plans originally were started in 1957, when the late J. E. O'Neill donated a five acre tract on Shaw Avenue.

The land holding was exchanged for the present 10 acres in 1959 to allow for development of more extensive facilities.

Fall Dedication
Formal dedication ceremonies will be held in the fall. Bishop Aloysius J. Willinger and other diocese officials are scheduled to participate.

The center has been designated a collegiate parish for FSC students, faculty and staff members. Masses will be held daily and three times on Sundays beginning May l0th.

Daily masses will be held at 7 AM and Sunday masses will be at 7 and 10 AM and noon.

Educational, social and religious activities of the Newman Club also will be held there.

The modern concrete structure which incorporates architectural ideas from ancient Mexican civilizations, was designed by the Sacramento firm of Sparks and Thaden. lt is decorated with rust colored enamel tiles around the roof’s edge.

Included in the 20,000 square feet of interior space are a chapel, offices, classrooms, a library, student lounge, cafeteria and living quarters for the chaplain in residence.

A glass mosaic, depicting [...]