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Curnutt House : 1957

1005 Camelia Ave, Roseville, CA

3 beds / 3 baths / 2,362 sq ft

Extremely remodeled, though some signature Sparks elements remain.
Additional West garage added.

Last sold: August 18 2000
For Sale: April 30, 2021

O: Wilma & Dr. Hugh Curnutt


Via telephone w/Ms. Wilma Curnutt : 6/22/2015

Was originally a small house. Addition with different architect to the back. (Added 2 new bedrooms). Originally 2 beds, 2 baths.(?)
Curnutts met Carter Sparks through Bob and Gloria Mahan who live down the street on Camelia in a Sparks designed house. Sparks was friends of Bob from Sutter College (and Cal?).

Wilma was from Arkansas and a big fan of FLW. She wanted a brick house but Carter said there “was no brick available”, and said they’d have to use concrete block. Wilma says block was cold in the winter because there was no insulation. Sparks added Mahogany sheets in the inside to help with insulation and sound. W asked for a “wide hall”, nothing narrow. She disliked small, dark corridors. She called it the “reception hall”. To the right as you enter, dining & living. To the left, bedrooms, laundry and baths.
Solid door at entry, one or two fluted / translucent glass windows to either side. "Not frosted”. Like "fake bamboo” texture.
Jalousie windows in the dining room.
Kitchen cabinets were suspended and supported by “poles” - in particular the one to the family room. Frosted glass cabinet doors. Orange or coral formica countertops.
Large built-in bookcase in family room.
Small "canon" windows built in.
Windows started waist-high in bedrooms.


Dr. Hugh and Wilma Curnutt

Photo Courtesy Mrs. Wilma Curnutt

Front Landing

Note large tree in entrance area. Photo Courtesy Mrs. Wilma Curnutt

Cannon Window Baffles

Note the original plywood baffles mounted over the "Cannon" windows on the front facade. Photo Courtesy Mrs. Wilma Curnutt

Photo Courtesy Mrs. Wilma Curnutt