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Curtis : 196x

3945 Ridge St, Fair Oaks, CA

+ Previous next door neighbor says the home build date (1935) is incorrect.. More like 60's -70's.

"When my wife returned home yesterday I related the story of my search and e-mail to you. I mentioned the name Carter Sparks and she says "that's the one." She tells me that the first time that Bob and Nita showed us around their home Bob mentioned that name and she remembers it because it was unusual and Bob was rather proud it had been designed by a prominent architect. It is beyond me how anyone could remember such a thing from so long ago but that is her recollection. She also says Bob pointed out a brick in the fireplace or some other identifying item indicating who designed it.

It is surprising there are not county records showing the build or a sale to the Curtis' in the 50's or 60's. It could even have been the early 70's. I don't think it was a remodel. It was new design and construction from top to bottom.

I wonder if it is confusion of street numbers. Ridge Street is unusual. The numbers go one way and then the other (up and then down). I was often greeting people at the door who were looking for a house at the end of the street that should have been where we were. I do not know when this started or why but it is a fact." -Byron Schell

O : Robert "Bobby" Lamar (b.1922/d.1993) & Margaret Juanita Curtis (b.1928/d.2002)
Bobby was a Lt. Col Pilot at Travis AFB for 27 years

P : Kirra Moore & Steve Leus : 2006-2011

C: Donald Glover Jr : 2011-

sold 2004 & 2006 & 2011

research misc:
Easterday O T (Ridge St; 1941 Directory)
Cross Peter T (Ridge St; 1946 Directory)

Project Listing at the William Wurster Archive:
Curtis, Brian (Sacramento, CA; 1936; residential) Photographer: Sturtevant [Ms, Dr]

1930 Fair Oaks Plot Map
Light common to Sparks' homes