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Morrissey House : 1961

837 Columbia Dr, Carmichael, CA

3 beds / 3 baths / 3,143 sq ft

Remodeled 2001
(Published June 2005 - Inside Arden Magazine)

From a 2010 real estate listing:

"Carter Sparks designed with soaring main gallery that captivates breathtaking views of pool and garden. Sophisticated living space wrapped in massive brick & wood infrastructure crisply defined by sheer walls of butted glass. Dramatic Mid-Century Classic with Honduras mahogany paneling & bleach birch floors."

According to DW, the swimming pool, installed about 7 years after the house was completed, is shaped like a large "M" for the original owner's surname : Morrissey.

Additional lore has it that the owners had originally designed the house as a childless domicile, hence the small kitchen, treacherous cantilevers and small sleeping wing. However, once they took occupancy, two children soon were on the scene.

O: Dr. and Mrs. William J. Morrissey

Dr. Morrissey and his family on their deck, Thanksgiving, 1969 (photo: Anne Morrissey)