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Seawell / Van Ness House : 1954

512 Manzanita Ave, Roseville, CA

Kitchen, baths remodeled, and most of the douglas fir paneling has been painted. Some original 4x8" cork tile floor remains, as does the pickled white-green ceiling paneling above the living room. Windows are all original, as are doors, including the honking redwood sliders out the back. Aluminum sunroom added on back. Deep front entry. Mostly CMU block. Lots of great built in lighting coves with both up and down light. Copious storage squirreled away everywhere. A little more than 1200 sq ft. Small house, but fun!

Special thanks to Ms. Wilma Curnutt for the intel on this one.

O: Mr and Mrs Robert Seawell (as stated on architectural drawings)
I: Sold to relatives, the VanNess family, in the 1990s

For Sale / Sold $372k 7/26/2019