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Sparks House : 1960

4500 Rutgers Way, Sacramento, CA

3 beds / 2 baths / 1,776 sq. ft

For sale, 5/2015
Sold to Adam Wilson

"The house Sparks designed for himself and his family shows what the architect could do when his budget was small. A boxy home with a low, glass-filled gable, the house has open-beams, oddly place windows, and a simple plank deck overlooking the backyard, which originally had a manmade river.
The house has since been extensively remodeled, although it retains many of Sparks' characteristic touches."

-David Weinstein, "Signature Singular Sparks",, 02/01/2010

More About the Sparks House at CA Modern

- first photograph has been touched up to remove "yard-art"
and screen door

Photo courtesy Jennifer Sparks, via CAModern Magazine