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Steinberg House : 1960

Carmichael, CA

4 Beds | 3 Bath | 2,861 sq. ft | 22,216 sq. ft lot

+ confirmed with original owner, 012610
+ confirmed via DS reference material

Notes from May 3, 2013:
built 1960
wilson or matson or mason builder
35K budget
blocks are budgetary compromise -- sparks wanted stone. 60-70k
stu was pulling in 400/month as a physician
couldn't afford that.
sparks didn't specify a central stairway -- no details.
had to come by and whip one up .. adding the lava rocks, plantings, etc. but the steibergs couldn't afford it once it was done. sparks ate the cost i think.
kitchen remodeled 1990 with help from a student of sparks. female. also helped bump out kitchen dining room. steinberg's wife didn't take well to the remodel and never cooked in the kitchen again after it -- they ordered takeout unless he cooked.
warren, yee, morrissey all close friends. Stuart says his is the best sparks of that lot. ??Who is Warren???