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Woolley House : 1961

6340 Rio Bonito Dr, Carmichael, CA

! Horribly remodeled circa 1985 and again around 2005 !
No significant original features remain.

+ confirmed by DS reference materials

Earl Woolley was the Vice President and Store Manager of Macy's in 1964

O: unknown
O: Earl R Woolley (2nd owners)


From Sacramento Magazine, produced by the Sacramento Union, Sunday, February 26, 1967 pages E2 and E3

By Karen Vitlip

This home has a different slant

What's strikingly attractive beautifully built and dramatically dynamic?

If you said Raquel Welch, you're right.

If you said the Earl Woolley home in Carmichael, you're also right.

Designed by Sacramento architect Carter Sparks, the triple level dwelling is a striking combination of interesting horizontal, vertical and parallel lines.

The strictly modern 20th-century home features a bold black exterior with distinctive overhang and beam structure, generous expanses of glass, and a winging roofline that start slow in the front then takes a flying slant towards the sky.

Beautiful view

Cut into the side of the gently sloping hill, the brick and wood residence commands a wide-angle view of the beautiful Carmichael countryside, including Ancil Hoffman Park, the American River and miles and miles of tree covered land stretching on into the distance.

The interior runs close to the exterior for first place honors in interesting detail category. Slat wood partitions in the living room and dining area contribute a feeling a spacious freedom to the home. Floor levels are joined together by a curving foundation of lava rocks upon which are placed polished mahogany steps, coupled with high cedar ceilings, all add up to tasteful design touches inside a comfortable home.

The entrance to the residence is on the middle level. There, a large foyer and three bedrooms are found. Downstairs from the entryway are the master bedroom and family room which Mrs. Woolley has nicknamed the "everything room". The third level, a few mahogany steps above the foyer, it's where the living room, dining room and kitchen are situated.

Artistic Touches

The second family to occupy this six-year-old house, the Woolley's have tastefully furnished it and shades of lime, blue and mustard which sparkly contrast with the warm wood paneling and rough brick fireplaces. Metal sculptures and colorful paintings contribute artistic touches to the residence.

Mrs. Woolley, whose husband is the manager of Macy's, said her family especially enjoys the indoor outdoor feeling of their home.

"The house is 2600 ft.², but I think it feels much larger because it interesting design structure as well as the generous use of windows," the housewife added.

"We enjoy our home very much," she concluded. "And we think Carter Sparks did a great job architecturally on this home. After all that's why we bought it."

The Woolley's indoor outdoor house has an excellent view from the living room, above, as well as from the adjacent dining area. Left, the entryway is highlighted by a staircase of lava rocks and mahogany steps. Below, hanging lamp and wall decoration smart corner of living room.

Beam structure of the rear portion of the home slant skyward from interesting lineal effect. Photos by Don Minnick

Don Minnick for the Sac Union
Don Minnick for the Sac Union
Don Minnick for the Sac Union
Don Minnick for the Sac Union
Don Minnick for the Sac Union