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1800 Carmelo Dr : 1966
Carmichael, CA

3 beds / 2 baths / 2,105 sq ft / 11, 761 sq ft lot


For sale, February 2023 - pending March 2023.

Seems to have been designed by the original owner, J Eut Tileston and his wife Mercedes. Built by Franklin C. Combs (thanks NV). Eut was an aeronautical engineer who worked at Aerojet on the Titan 1, Lunar Lander and the Polaris Missile system. He was a consummate model airplane designer and builder. Mercedes was a Senior Social Worker at the Atascadero State Hospital. She most notably performed a mental health evaluation on serial murderer Ed Kemper aka "Co-Ed" while he was remanded to the youth facility at 15 years old.

There is mention of the house in a remembrance of Eut's life :
Unknown writes: "I met Eut through his wife Mercedes. When I worked in for the CA Youth authority. A quiet pleasant genius. Got a laugh at his engineering expertise when a fireplace he designed in their home was lit for the first time [and] pumped smoke into the house because the three sided design prevented the device from drawing properly" -07 August, 2020 23:43

Notes from JW on walkthrough, 2/23
Found out Carmelo was designed for Mercedes, who was a wheelchair user after she developed MS. The Tilestons used to live on La Playa Way and had 1800 Carmelo designed and built for her. Hence the lower counters, wide hallways, low wall switches and electric plugs at 24” or so.