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Herberholz : 1965

Carmichael, CA

Former home of Sacramento State Art Professor and Artist, Donald W. Herberholz and his wife, Barbara.

+via DS reference material

CSUS Hornet Article

All b/w photos by Jerry Rainbolt for the Sacramento Union

A Professor's Art Gallery Home
By Karen Vitlip

The Donald W. Herberholz family of Carmichael lives in an art gallery with hot and cold running water.
The "gallery" at 5730 Classic Pl. looks like a home from the outside. And, interestingly enough, on the inside it features all the trappings of a regular residence -- i.e., a living room, a family room, a kitchen and four bedrooms.
But, that's where the general similarity ceases. For, here and there, throughout the "gallery"-house are original works of art designed and created by the home's number one artist-in-residence, Mr. Herberholz, an art professor at Sacramento State College.
Prof. Herberholz, well known locally and nationally for his achievements as a teacher, an author and prizewinning metal sculptor, has provided his home with an impressive array of original creations which the modern homeowner might give his cultural eyeteeth to possess.
Metal Art
Wall Panels